Gems - Stones - Minerals

Gems in medical and industrial applications

Synthetic gems have industrial applications too. They can be used in window manufacturing, semi-conducting circuits and cutting tools.One example of an entirely manufactured mineral is something called yttrium aluminum garnet (or YAG) which can be used as a laser. In medicine, these lasers are used to correct glaucoma. In dental surgery, they allow soft gum and tissues to be cut away.The move to develop new minerals will also support technologies enabling deep space exploration through the creation of quantum materials Quantum materials have unique properties and will help us create a new generation of electronic products, which could have a significant impact on space travel technologies. Maybe this will allow us to one day visit the birthplace of Edscottite? Space has often released over the millennia the signs of its passage on Earth. The latest discovery concerns the Weddeburn meteorite. Over the years, it has been discovered that in addition to gold and minerals, the meteorite seems to be composed of “Edscottite”.This material, unknown until now, has been extensively described in a research on the American Mineralogist by two American scholars. The story of Edscottite starts in the fifties, when the meteorite Wedderburn was found. After analyzing its contents, it is discovered that the meteorite found is composed of Edscottite, a completely unknown mineral.Not much is known about the origins, beyond the link with Wedderburn. There are several hypotheses that run after each other. The most reliable hypothesis is that the origins can be traced back to extraterrestrial planets.

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