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About Us

I love my job. I love the volunteers, the people that work with me and especially the kids..... Their eyes brighten when they come in. They are amazed how big the store is. They bring me their collections and ask what is what. I try to have some kind of activities for the kids to do while parents are looking around the store.

We offer full service gold and silver repair and custom jewelry as we can cabochon most stones, set faceted stones, bead, wire wrap, inlay or create special display specimen creations for your home.

We offer as many different types of mineral specimens, Lapidary stone supply, crystals or beads and findings for DIY jewelry as we can. We are now also cutting and creating our own Himalayan salt lamps. So,GROWN in the Himalayas! But MADE IN THE USA!

We have many handmade jewelry items to choose from. Last but not least I have a couple of Veterans that create wooden candle holders, wind chimes or dream catchers. I HONOR our veterans, so if they are creative and can fit into my type of merchandise, I allow them to sell with NO charges, fees or commissions to pay.

Come by within business hours and see for yourself! If you are too far away, we also offer scheduled FaceTime for you be able to choose your items and we mail them to you.

So as I sit here and write out this introduction or book  I should say, I look back and I OWN the answer of “Lord, what do you want me to do?”My life purpose is not this business.  The business brings people here it’s just a tool I am here for my community, THAT is what I am suppose to do.

With all the love I can give and with all the Blessings that have happened I humbly say thank you God.

Darlene Stout

Owner - Earth's Core

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